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Superhost Academy Review

Superhost Academy Review program is a 3-phase mentorship for beginners who want to learn how to start and scale a short-term rental business without owning property. It also offers co-hosting opportunities for new students to earn while learning.

Airbnb’s Superhost badge is a great way to inspire guest confidence and increase booking rates. You can qualify for this status by meeting strict metrics and maintaining a high average guest rating.

Brad Dillard's The Superhost Academy Review: Can You Make More Money as an  Airbnb Superhost? - Ippei Blog

Whether you’re looking to do Airbnb rental arbitrage or want to become a cohost, the course offers step-by-step guidance. It also includes an online community and guest speakers that share their experiences. Ivan is a great coach and keeps up with the Airbnb world, making sure the program stays current. The program is not for anyone who’s looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can be a great way to generate passive income.

The Superhost Academy is a 3-phase mentorship that steps you through the process of starting and scaling a short-term rental business without owning property. The first phase involves earning money by co-hosting on existing listings. This will help you build up experience and savings to move on to the next phase, where you’ll learn rental arbitrage. It also covers how to build real estate wealth without owning property and how to manage your business remotely.

Airbnb hosts face many challenges, including high upfront costs and market fluctuations. They may also encounter problems such as bad tenants, late rent payments, and damage to their properties. The Superhost Academy aims to eliminate these obstacles by offering a proven method for success. Its instructors are top 1% performers on Airbnb and will teach you how to maximize your income and make the most of your property’s potential.

There are several benefits of becoming an Airbnb host, but the most important is that it can give you a steady income and help you save for retirement. It also helps you avoid the burden of debt and provides tax benefits. The downside is that it requires a significant amount of work. You’ll need to manage maintenance, cleaning, and other tasks, but the rewards can be well worth it.

The movie “Superhost” follows Claire and Teddy, a couple who travels to highly-rated vacation homes to write reviews for their YouTube channel. But their subscriber numbers are dwindling, and they need to find a way to get them back. The film is a bit uneven, but it does have its moments. And it features a truly terrifying villain in the form of Rebecca, played by Barbara Crampton.


Co-hosting is a great way to make extra money. It also offers many benefits to guests, including flexibility and no property ownership requirements. However, it’s important to understand the responsibilities of co-hosting before taking up this opportunity. These responsibilities can include communicating with guests, cleaning the property, and stocking it with supplies. You may also be responsible for scheduling availability and resolving guest issues. Some co-hosts are also responsible for ensuring the experience meets local requirements, such as statutory contributions and work permits if you’re from a foreign country.

Airbnb Superhosts are a group of hosts who meet the site’s high standards and are rewarded with exclusive perks. These perks include a special badge that inspires guest confidence and increases booking rates. In addition, Airbnb Superhosts are expected to have a rating average of 4.8 or higher. This is based on guest reviews over the past year.

If you’re interested in becoming a Superhost, you can apply through the Airbnb website. You’ll be asked to provide a variety of details, including your host name, photo, and availability. You’ll also be asked to respond to 90% of new messages within 24 hours, which is a good way to show your commitment to customer service.

Being a Host can be time-consuming, but the rewards can be substantial. You can earn up to $3,000 a month in commissions from Airbnb rentals. This amount can be significant if you invest in multiple properties and maintain a high volume of short-term rentals.

Aside from monetary rewards, hosting can also improve your overall health and well-being. Having a regular schedule and meeting people from all walks of life can help you become more socially engaged, which is good for your physical and mental health. Moreover, it can also increase your social capital and help you develop lifelong friendships.

The Superhost Academy offers 1-on-1 customized mentorship on short-term rental arbitrage, and a co-hosting program for new students to earn while learning. The program’s creator, Brad Dillard, claims that you can make $500-$1,000 a month by working 5-7 hours per day.

Airbnb Superhost badge

The Airbnb Superhost badge is a status that shows potential guests that you’re a trustworthy, reliable host. This can lead to faster, smoother bookings and happier guests. It also gives you access to dedicated support so you can ask questions and get answers quickly. You’ll also receive notifications of new product releases and Airbnb events. This way, you can stay on top of your game and make sure your listing is optimized for the best possible results.

The Superhost Academy is a 3-phase mentorship program created by short-term rental arbitrage expert Brad Dillard. The course teaches students how to make money from Airbnb without owning property. It also includes a bonus webinar that will teach you how to create a podcast. This will help you build your audience and generate more traffic to your website.

Besides the training and support, Airbnb offers additional benefits for Superhosts, including preferential placement in search results pages, a $100 travel coupon, and more. However, Superhosts must abide by the company’s strict terms and conditions to maintain their status. This includes providing accurate and complete listings, answering inquiries promptly, and offering extra-mile hospitality, like welcome baskets or a handwritten note.

Another requirement for becoming a Superhost is having a high guest rating, which means that your overall review score must be at least 4.8. You can check your rating on your Airbnb dashboard. To achieve this, you must have at least 10 stays or 100 nights over the last year. Getting some negative reviews will slow your progress towards becoming a Superhost, but it’s not impossible to earn a 4.8 rating if you work hard on improving your service and hospitality.

Airbnb will assess your account every three months and check your performance in the four categories outlined above. If you fail to meet one or more of these requirements, you’ll lose your Superhost status. Airbnb will notify you if you are no longer considered a Superhost, and you’ll have three months to fix the problem.

Airbnb also provides training and resources for its Superhosts, including a guide to creating a great guest experience. In addition, Superhosts are expected to attend at least 4 virtual or in-person meetups per year and be active in their local host community.


A few years ago, Brad Dillard started the Airbnb Superhost Academy, a program that teaches people how to become successful short-term rental hosts. This program has gotten a lot of buzz, and its students have reported great results. However, the course is not cheap. You can expect to pay more than $2,000 for a full course, which includes video lessons, ebooks, and a certification of completion. In addition, you’ll receive access to a private Facebook group and an exclusive online library.

In this course, you’ll learn how to maximize the revenue from your short-term rental property. It will also teach you how to avoid common mistakes, such as overbooking or accepting guests that are not good fits. This will help you save time and money by avoiding bad tenants and reducing the amount of cleaning you have to do.

The course is available in two formats: a live class over the course of two days or as a self-study course that lasts for two weeks. It covers laws that apply to STR hosts, best practices, and industry innovations. Its overwhelmingly positive reviews make it one of the most popular courses for new STR hosts.

While some STRs have found success without training, it’s essential to have the right education. This is especially true if you’re new to the industry and want to avoid making costly mistakes. The STR Certification course will give you the confidence to start your own business and increase your profits.

Whether you’re looking to scale your business or just start hosting, there’s no better place to get the knowledge you need than from other STR hosts. The STRPA Facebook community is a great place to ask questions and get answers from other experienced STR hosts. They’ll even help you overcome challenges, such as market fluctuations and bad tenants.

STRPA also offers an online course called “The Ultimate Airbnb & Homeaway Booster.” This course will teach you how to use the Airbnb platform and boost your listing’s visibility. It’s designed to be the ultimate resource for new and existing STRs, and it comes with free marketing materials. It also has a high customer satisfaction rating and is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.