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What Can a Tree Service Do For You?

tree serviceTree Service Irvine CA can help with many issues, from trimming or removing trees to fertilization and pest control. They have the expertise and equipment to handle these tasks safely.

Look for a company that does not offer to “top” trees – it’s a bad practice that will send the tree into decline. Also, look for liability and worker’s compensation insurance.


Whether you want to improve your property’s landscape or ensure your trees are healthy and safe, pruning is an important service. A tree service company can prune dead or overgrown branches and even remove entire trees when needed. These companies are trained to handle the most complicated tasks and can provide you with the best results possible. Landscaping companies typically do not have the equipment or expertise to perform these types of tasks, so it is important to find a qualified tree service to handle them for you.

Tree service companies usually offer various services, including removing dead or overgrown branches, pruning, mulching and fertilization. Some may also provide stump removal services and tree cabling. The larger tree services often have a large team of arborists, stump grinders, and certified pesticide applicators. They can assist with hazardous tree removals, inspections of diseased trees, pest control for infested trees, hazard assessments, and lot clearing.

Pruning involves reducing certain plant parts to improve health, landscape effect or value. It can also reduce damage from storms, insects, or diseases. It also helps to prevent future problems, such as weak branch attachments, suckers and water sprouts. Pruning should be done in the late dormant season to minimize wounding and encourage new growth.

When pruning is performed improperly, it can cause serious damage to a tree. The most common mistake is cutting off the wrong part of a tree, which can lead to the death of the plant. Other mistakes include topping, which lops off the top of a tree and leaves stubs that will decay and sucker, and over-pruning, which destroys natural shape and encourages suckering.

A professional tree service can save you time and money by performing these tasks in a timely manner. These professionals are also highly experienced, so they can safely remove and trim trees without damaging them. They will also ensure that your trees are healthy and look great. In addition, these experts can handle any size of job, from removing small trees to large ones.


Tree removal services offer a range of options for those with overgrown or damaged trees. They can cut down a tree in its entirety or remove only specific branches that are obstructing your view or causing damage to property. They can also remove stumps from your yard to help with landscaping and prevent trip and fall accidents. Some of these services may even offer emergency removals.

When choosing a tree service, it’s important to check their credentials and customer reviews. Look for a company that offers full insurance coverage and specialized equipment. You should also ask whether they require a permit for tree work. Many cities require a permit for any tree removals over 10 feet.

The cost of a tree service can vary depending on the size and location of the tree, as well as its condition. Larger, more mature trees are generally more expensive than younger ones. In addition, trees that are closer to structures or power lines require more care and attention, which increases the cost. Finally, if the tree is located in an area with difficult access, such as a sloped yard or rocky or muddy soil, this can also increase the cost of the job.

Before starting a tree removal, the professional will inspect the tree and its root system to determine if it’s safe to cut down. They will also inspect the surrounding area to ensure that they don’t cause any additional damage to your home or vehicles. If they decide that the tree needs to be removed, they will either climb the tree or use a bucket truck to reach the uppermost limbs.

Once the tree is felled, the professionals will make a notch in its base to guide its fall and remove any tangled roots that are left behind. They will then load the pieces into a truck and remove all debris from your property.

If your tree has been severely damaged, it’s a good idea to contact your homeowners insurance agent to see if it covers the cost of the removal. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay out of pocket.


In forests and other natural environments, trees naturally fertilize themselves. Leaves and other debris fall on the ground and break down, releasing nutrients into the soil. However, when you have trees on your property that are planted in suburban environments, they don’t always get the same kind of nutrient support. Tree service companies offer tree fertilization services that can help give your trees the nourishment they need to thrive.

During a typical tree fertilization service, a professional will inject liquid fertilizer into the soil near your trees and shrubs using a probe. This will allow the fertilizer to reach deep into the root system where it will be absorbed and dispersed throughout the plant via a process known as translocation. A skilled tree and shrub fertilization specialist will be able to ensure that the correct amount of fertilizer is being injected into the soil and that it is being evenly distributed so that your plants are receiving the exact nutrients they need.

Fertilization is most effective when it is performed in the spring and summer, when plants are growing vigorously. In addition, it is important to time your fertilization service so that the nutrients are available when the weather is warm and moist so that the roots will be able to absorb them easily.

Trees that are not getting the nutrients they need will become stressed. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including soil compaction, water restrictions, physical damage, and competition from grass and other nearby trees and shrubs. Tree service professionals can use tree fertilization to improve the health of your trees and help them resist disease and other environmental stresses.

A tree service company can also offer pest control services to protect your property. This may include exterminating pests such as the spruce budworm and pine beetle, which can damage or even kill your trees if left untreated. A professional can treat these pests with insecticides that won’t harm the surrounding foliage. This will help to keep your trees and other greenery looking their best and can prevent the spread of these harmful insects into other areas of your yard.

Pest Control

Trees and shrubs provide beauty, privacy and many other benefits to landscapes. They also are valuable assets that can add significantly to property values. However, they are susceptible to insect infestation and disease. Unchecked, these issues can damage or even kill trees, causing significant problems. Tree service companies offer pest control services to help prevent and treat pests and diseases that affect plants.

Insects damage the foliage, bark and fruit of many landscape plants. They may also interfere with growth by feeding on roots and sucking the moisture out of leaves and fruit. However, not all insects are damaging. In fact, some insects are vital for pollinating flowers and controlling harmful insect populations. Bartlett arborists are trained to identify these beneficial insects and can devise management programs that protect plants from serious insect infestation while conserving the beneficial insects.

While most insect infestations only cause temporary damage, they can become more severe if left untreated. For this reason, regular inspections of your yard are essential for identifying the early signs of infestation and responding quickly to them. Your arborist will recommend a regimen of treatments designed for the specific insect, the plant and site conditions. In addition, your Arborist may suggest fertilization and soil amendments to improve the health of the plant, making it more resistant to insect attack.

Viruses and other diseases are another common threat to the health of landscape plants. In some cases, these diseases can be prevented with cultural practices or with the use of certain products. In other cases, disease control requires the use of chemicals.

A specialized fungicide is applied to the base of the plant in the spring and fall. It works by dissolving in the water that moves down through the root system and is absorbed by the plant or tree. The fungicide then moves up through the plant or tree, providing year-long protection. This treatment is most commonly used for crape myrtles and roses. Senske offers this treatment as part of its full landscape management program. In addition, the company provides nutrient injections in the spring and fall to improve the health of plants and help them recover from stressful events such as drought or cold temperatures.